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The Teddy Bear project

In 2004 I went to Mozambique to visit missionaries. The children made a impact on my life...and later I was called to work with children.

Another missionarie in South Africa contacted me and said he needed woman to accopany him and others to a small settlement in the Northern Cape.  It was as if I was pushed to say "Yes!"  He didn't hear me at first and I said 'YES!' He then realized what I said and was amazed and filled with joy!  But I wanted to do more and asked the Lord what can I do?!

A week later a friend of mine was knitting and sewing teddy bears,  she asked me if I would join in the fun?!  Then it struck me...THIS IS IT!  I asked for the pattern and started knitting.  Asked a few ladies to help and just before we left there was 121 teddy bears knitted!  

I went to the settlement and started handing out the teddy bears...later the missionary said it was amazing...as I put my hand into the bag and pull one out it matched their clothes!!!! Later he thought - that color is no longer in fashion and I won't have a match, but then again I pulled out a matching teddy bear! We went to the next village and their we also handed out some teddy bears.  I needed money to get back home....but didn't know what to do?

The next morning the missionaries wife - who has a little shop next to the road - asked me if she could buy the teddy bears that was left?  The money was enough to get me back home!  In retospect their must have been a multiplication of bears as we handed out more than 121 and still had some left to sell!  What a mighty God we serve!

The next year  (2005) I was back with blankets and the same thing happend...there was more blankets than what I have bought and even the children that was absent could get their blanket. Even one of the teachers got a knee blanket!  


I want to go back and give the new kids on the block their teddy bears!  Please help me to give a little love to those less fortunate than us.

If you want to help please contact me for the Knitting pattern.

 I will post pictures of this event and the past events later.

Thank you for your support!